Staged Review December 3, 2013

So many online marketers keep asking me about my recent “Staged Review.” So I’ll reveal a few things I’ve been keeping quiet.

Staged is software you can access directly through any browser and it can make you a solid income. So how does staged work? It comes with a robot called stage-bot. This robot works for you 24 hours a day and it goes into youtube and collects all of the most viral videos.

Staged is constantly collecting the most viral videos of all time and loading them into separate pages that you get to own. Each of these pages is called a “Stage.”

Here’s the second half of my staged review….

Now that you’ve got all these viral videos loaded into your own webpages that staged makes for you, the money (and the fun) begins.

The software not only gives you the most viral videos, but it also makes sure you’ve got the videos with the most page views.

Ok, so now is when you’re going to be very glad you found this staged review.

This amazing tool now makes sure each of these viral video pages it builds for you are completely optimized for google and the other little engines.

But here’s the most important part of this staged review…

This software now carefully places your own ads all around each of your these viral videos it’s located for you. So anyone who’s watching one of your staged videos can’t help but to see your ads.

When you match your market correctly, and when you use some of the special videos I’ve discovered, this thing really starts bringing in the money (and traffic.)

For lazy people like me, you can sit back and relax while this staged software automatically selects elegant banners and image ads and professionally places them around the viral videos it’s collected for you.

If you have an existing business and you want custom banners, I have a secret banner making tool that lets you make custom banners by pointing and clicking. Beginners love this tool. But again, you don’t even need it because the pre-made banners are awesome!

Contact me if you’d like a free copy of the banner making tool I had a programmer create.

Let’s wrap up this staged review…

Beginners love staged because there’s very few moving parts and beginners can begin making money the first day they activate their staged account.

I recommend calling me because there’s some shocking new that I’ve just learned about staged that could actually hurt you if you don’t use it to your advantage.

Call me at 530-725-0789.

This is the end of my staged review.

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Staged Review Blog

staged review

Staged Review

Simply put, staged is a web-based software that
allows you to get paid from any and all youtube
videos on the internet. ┬áThis review below tells the whole story…

Here’s how it works…

Staged comes pre-loaded with all of youtube’s most
popular channels. As soon as the staged user activates
their account (through a web based login) the software
begins sorting the most popular, most viewed, and most
viral videos of all time.

Next, staged begins building hundreds of sophisticated,
high class looking websites for you (the user.) Each
of the websites is optimized for the search engines…

But more important…

The staged software strategically places your own banner
and text ads above the videos, below the videos and on the
side of the videos.

The software comes with dozens of styles and sizes of
pre-made banners you can choose from. Or if you’re too
lazy to choose banners, it will choose them for you.

These pre-made banners were created by top-notch advertising
designers so they convert better than normal banners.

But you do have the option to create your own banners or if
you’re a member of a business opportunity… that company most
likely has banners you can simply import into the staged

In fact, for those who want custom banners that are unique
to their existing company, a 3 step banner creator is

Staged was created for beginners and intermediate marketers.
Advanced marketers will most likely find staged far
to simplistic (the exact thing beginners love about it).

Those who find technology to be intimidating love staged
because it’s like a car…You can drive it without understanding
what’s under the hood.

If you have questions about staged or would like a free trial, call me at 530-725-0789.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.

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