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The guys at staged have been in the Development lab again. Their minds never stop working to make new innovations that make

your marketing life even easier. So here’s what they’ve done…

They’ve built a cool tool that will allow you to make Stages at warp speed.
Now you can simply click one button (that says stage it) to make a stage. Yes you heard me… you no longer have to cut and

paste youtube URLs. Can it get any easier than this? (you heard it first at Staged Review)

This new feature is called a Bookmarklet and you’ll find it when you click on the “Add New Stage” button. youjust click on

the button that says “Stage It” and you can drag and drop it right onto your web browser’s toolbar. This “Stage It” button

will become a part of your browser and bring you leads and traffic even easier than in the past.

Now when you have any youtube video on your screen, you can simply click the “Stage It” button and your stage is immediately


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